Once Upon A Family

A Son's Journey of Love, Loss, and Hope

Now Available in Roanoke, VA at Cantos Booksellers; in Tazewell, VA at Olde Virginia Pharmacy and the Historic Crab Orchard Museum Gift Shop; and in Bluefield, WV at Hearthside Books
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When I lost my father at a young age, I felt that I was all alone and unique in my pain.  If I had a resource like this book back then, I would have learned that I was never alone and that love never dies.




    -- Joe Lychner,  Board Member, Justice for All


Your book is poignant, charming, loving, sensitive and full of the wisdom of mothers.  You should be very proud of your wonderful book. I know that I am proud to be included in your loving tribute and to be associated with your family and the other wonderful people whose lives you grace with your sensitive text.   

Thank you so much for including me in your book and your life lessons. 

Your friend…

Marc Klaas


Pam Adams has written a unique book that prepares children for loss and provides suggestions on how to handle the accompanying grief.


Once Upon A Family chronicles the journey of Pam's son, Jordan, as he tries to understand the death of his beloved father.

This book is full of the words and emotions that children struggle to use and understand when grief outweighs all rational thought. 

But Adams has taken this book two steps further. 

She has written a section entitled For Kids Only that includes tools for dealing with the loss of a loved one, a pet, one's health, or a sense of family due to divorce or separation. 

And the last section, For Adults Only, dispenses practical advice to adults on how to assist in the grieving process.


Once Upon A Family, can be ordered by :

bullettelephone at 540-265-7787
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bulletor by clicking on the online button below. 


8½ x 11 format for easy handling and reading



Flexible, laminated cover for durability



Fun puzzles that reinforce basic concepts



Illustrations perfect for overhead projectors or coloring sheets



Ties together the grief work of children, counselors, and teachers



Can be used one-on-one, independently, or in a group setting



Can be adapted for use with all age groups



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